Troop 927

At each of the advancements in Rank, a Scout meets with the Scoutmaster for a Conference before appearing before a Board of Review.  Conferences are also required for advancement beyond Eagle as a Scout works on Palms.  For each of the Conferences, a Scout should make a request for a Conference and come prepared for the appointment.  A requrest for a Conference should come directly from the Scout and not through a Parent or other party.  A conference covers a range of topics and is oriented to each Scout and their personal journey in Scouting.  It is important to discuss topics with the Scoutmaster regarding the past activities, current issues, and future plans.  The idea is to use the Conference as an opportunity to review and update a Scout's plan of advancement and to be sure that things are going well within the Troop.

When you want to earn a merit badge, you need to start with a blue card signed by the Scoutmaster ... except when you don't. And if you do need one, know how to get it.

Print any combination of pages in this file to record your progress toward rank, merit badges, and special awards. Each sheet is a different log.

Don't forget to document your outdoor events for the National Outdoor Badges (camping, hiking, aquatics, riding, and adventure).